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丁 斯茗(Ding Siming)

東京工業大学 物質理工学院 応用化学系


越境型理工系博士人材育成プロジェクト 採択生



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  2. Ken Motokura, Siming Ding, Kei Usui, Yuanyuan Kong, "Enhanced Catalysis Based on the Surface Environment of the Silica-Supported Metal Complex" ACS Catalysis, 2021, 11, 11985-12018.

  3. Yuanyuan Kong, Siming Ding, Koichiro Endo, Kiyotaka Nakajima, Yuichi Manaka, Wang-Jae Chun, Ikuyoshi Tomita, Ken Motokura, "Mesoporous Silica-Supported Rhodium Complexes Alongside Organic Functional Groups for Catalysing 1,4-Addition Reaction of Arylboronic Acid in Water", Green Chemistry, 2022, 24, 3269-3276.

  4. Siming Ding, Yuanyuan Kong, Yuichi Manaka, Wang-Jae Chun, Ikuyoshi Tomita, Ken Motokura, "Organic group decorated heterogeneous Pd complex on mesoporous silica toward catalytic allylation in aqueous media", Catalysis Today, 2022, in press.

  5. Siming Ding, Ken Motokura"Recent Advances in Immobilized Noble Metal Catalysts in Aqueous Media for Organic Reactions", Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 2023, in press.

2022年4⽉ ⽇本化学会 第102春季年会「学⽣講演賞」

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